ReTree Calgary Tree Fairs

Looking to revamp the treescape for your Calgary lawn? We've got tips on keeping your home lofty and shaded, and all thanks to ReTree Calgary.

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ReTree Calgary Tree Fairs

Posted by Krista Kehoe on Friday, May 22nd, 2015 at 8:04am.

& Other Tips For Your Calgary Lawn!

After the highly unexpected September 2014 Snow Storm, we lost some significant canopies across Calgary communities. Now, those trees need replacing or a little helping hand, and the City of Calgary is taking over local parks this summer to do just that.

At the ReTree events across the city, residents will learn about pruning, pest management, and species selection, to name just a few of the topics in the Talk Tent. Get your hands dirty at the live demos, where you can mulch a tree or even take a peek at what goes on behind the tree scenes. There will even be free mulch!

Calgary’s upcoming ReTree Fairs are slated for June 14 and 28, in different parks. The first will be held in Prairie Winds Park and the second in Bowness Park.

Choosing Plants

Selecting your trees or plants for your Calgary home can be a daunting task indeed. Species galore makes it difficult to sort out what’s beneficial for your natural surroundings, but when in doubt, stick to something native to the area. Trees, annuals, and perennials from the region will fall under Zone 2 or 3, which means they’re hardy enough to handle our temperature swings and short growing season.

For trees, you’ll want one that you can adapt to using less water. Typically a tree will require more water as it becomes established, and over the years you can begin to taper off the amount of water. Water infrequently, but deeply, and seal in moisture with the help of mulch or clippings.

If you have the space, add a rain barrel to your garden layout. This will save you money and provide a healthier water to your plants than tap water.

Let’s grow deeper roots, and add some new green to our cityscape this summer. See you there!

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Krista Kehoe, Calgary real estate agent & REALTOR®

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