Moving To Calgary Homes With Pets

Scared about moving to Calgary with your pets? No need to worry! We've put together a great list of pet friendly amenities available in Calgary!

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Moving To Calgary Homes With Pets

Posted by Krista Kehoe on Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 at 10:16am.

Moving to Calgary with your four-legged friend?

You’ll be happy to hear that Calgary is one of the most pet friendly cities in North America. How do you measure something like that? Well I’m not sure anyone really does, but what I do know is that Calgary has 150 off-leash dog areas. That’s an astounding number. Portland, Oregon is the city with the highest number of dog parks per capita in the U.S., 5.7 for every 100,000 residents, but Calgary has 13 parks for every 100,000 human residents (or 123 for every 100,000 canine residents)!




Check In With The City

With Calgary’s booming population growth it’s a sure bet that many newcomers are arriving with pets, so if you’re one of them, what should you keep in mind? Well for one, just like everywhere else, Calgary requires pets to be licensed. It’s generally $36 for dogs and $15 for cats. You can have a look at the City of Calgary’s pet licensing website for more details. In fact, you might want to download their helpful app. One of the app features is up-to-date information on lost pets in the city pound, so if your furry friend is missing you know where to look. The City also offers its I Heart My Pet program, which rewards people who license their pets with discounts at various retailers.

Beware The Coyotes

So, what else do you need to think about when you move your pet to Calgary? Well, one thing people are often surprised by, particularly if they are from back east, is that we share our city with coyotes. And while it’s not a serious problem, people should be aware that there can sometimes be conflicts. You should be particularly careful about keeping pets on the leash (even in off-leash areas) during the months of April to June, which is denning season, and in September and October when the young pups begin leaving their pack.

Prepare Your Pets For The Cold

Another thing to keep in mind is that those cold Calgary winters will affect those on four legs as much as those on two! Take the time to acclimatize your pets to the conditions. Dogs and especially cats, who may spend more time outside, should be slowly acclimated to colder weather. You can do this by starting with shorter walks for dogs and by letting cats out for shorter periods of time, in dry weather of course. You should also be careful not to leave your pet alone in an unheated car in the wintertime.

Browse Calgary’s Neighbourhoods By Dogs

Ok, so now you know what to think about, but we have one more useful tool for choosing your dog-friendly Calgary neighbourhood. The Calgary Herald has kindly put together a dog population map. Yes, seriously. You can find out which neighborhoods have the most dogs, what the popular local breeds are, etc. If you have a Labrador Retriever, you might consider moving to Canyon Meadows, where he’ll have over 120 friends! Meanwhile, Sunnyside appears to be a perfect little riverside paradise for Chihuahuas. And once you have settled on a location, why don’t you search our listings to see what we have to offer nearby?

Krista Kehoe, Calgary real estate agent & REALTOR®

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Jason wrote: Great advice, don't forget you only have 24 hours to license your dogs and cats. Bylaw and animal control are having a big crack down on unlicensed dogs using the off leash parks.

Posted on Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 at 8:41pm.

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