Invest YYC: Calgary Crowdfunding For The Arts

Check out Calgary's crowdfunding platform, InvestYYC, for local arts projects.

Invest YYC: Calgary Crowdfunding For The Arts Close
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Invest YYC: Calgary Crowdfunding For The Arts

Posted by Krista Kehoe on Thursday, September 11th, 2014 at 12:15pm.

calgary crowdfundingCrowdfunding got started in 2003 with ArtistShare, and there are new platforms popping up all the time. From video games to smartphones to movies, all types of projects are getting a leg up thanks to thousands of donations from all over the world.

Established just under two years ago, InvestYYC is yet another platform to add to the list. But what makes this site different from other crowdsourcing platforms? It’s restricted to the arts, and not just anyone can post a campaign. Whereas other sites allow project managers to create a profile and watch their donation metre climb, projects with InvestYYC have to submit an application to a committee, who looks at the community impact and the possibility of execution. While the requirements may seem strict, they keep the site from being inundated with projects to sift through that may never come to fruition.

To get the ball rolling, Calgary Arts Development matched the first $50,000 in donations raised on the site—it only took two months. Since then, a number of arts projects throughout the city have seen Calgarians band together in support of bringing the projects to the community. Many of the projects work on a rewards system, wherein donors are offered tokens of thanks based on their contributions.

A couple of Calgary campaigns currently in the works are particularly interesting:

Nuit Blanche

This event has been an arts sensation in cities across the world. Usually an overnight event, cities open their doors and impromptu installations travel through the streets. In its third year, Nuit Blanche Calgary is seeking funding to help with performance art projects by two local artists. These participatory performances will engage audience members, bringing them into the Nuit Blanche fold.

Play On Wheels

An innovative way to bring active fun to the youth of the Greater Forest Lawn community, Play On Wheels is a trailer transformation. Through community workshops, a team of artists and youth will work together to create a portable playground out of an old horse trailer. Antyx, a community arts non-profit, in conjunction with Aspen Youth Matters are putting together a team of 12 youth for the build, and their team of artists will share their individual skill sets.

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