Everything You Need To Know About Calgary's Harmony Project

The Calgary Harmony project is one of the most exciting developments in Calgary real estate! Here's what you need to know about this game-changing community.

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Everything You Need To Know About Calgary's Harmony Project

Posted by Krista Kehoe on Wednesday, June 17th, 2015 at 9:34am.

Development of master-planned community

If you haven't heard of the Harmony project, you've been missing out on one of the biggest items in Calgary real estate. This cutting-edge project has designated Calgary as a frontrunner in the global sprint toward more intelligently designed neighbourhoods and communities.

In recent years, we have seen a shift in community planning where there is a strong push for design that maximizes convenience, ease, safety, and strengthens community. We have also seen a growing emphasis on contained amenities: facilities which ultimately create a town-like atmosphere for local residents. These values are exemplified in phenomena such as the pocket neighbourhood, but nowhere is it better illustrated than in what we've been hearing about Bordeaux Properties' exciting new development, Harmony. In fact, this community will incorporate multiple neighbourhoods within its bounds, all with different styles ranging from classic estates to trendy townhouses!

Harmony is set to open in Springbank, closely flanking the Springbank Airport in a wide open stretch of countryside. With expectations for 3,500 homes, Harmony will truly be comparable in size to many of Alberta's small towns. However, Harmony stands out for a number of reasons. Here are a few of the futuristic visions and world class amenities planned for this exciting undertaking:

Calgary's Biggest Community Lake

Harmony's Lake will be a 140-acre freshwater lake that will be stocked for fishing. The lake will also be suitable for non-motorized boating as well as swimming and skating. It will include an island with space for picnics and relaxing while taking in stunning views of the Rockies. The lake will also serve as a central harbour, around which community developments such as cafes, bike paths, and local businesses will be situated.

Mickleson National Golf Club of Canada

Set in the expansive Rocky View County hills, this golf club is set to be one of the best in Canada!

Village Centre

Harmony's Village Centre will set the bar high for community shopping facilities, even beating out some of downtown Calgary's retail. This ultra-trendy complex will feature local businesses, art galleries, modern condos and townhouses, a fresh food market, boutique hotel, high-tech medical clinics, and a music centre. It will also feature 'Harmony Plaza', a courtyard that will serve as a social gathering square and event venue. Condos and townhouses at the Village Centre offer private boat slips to their residents, and there are many homes to choose from: the centre even incorporates an upscale retirement community.

Environmental Emphasis

Outdoor Harmony will be different than most neighbourhoods. It will feature 25km of public walking space. Much of this will feature the community's 'open air museum' education program which will feature signs marking significant historical landmarks. Information will also be given on the local natural history. The forward-looking nature of Harmony's creation has led to a strong placement of value on preserving the ecological integrity of the area. As a result, 600 acres of Harmony's land will be reserved exclusively for open areas such as park space, native vegetation, and water features.

In line with this outlook, Harmony will host its own water treatment facility. This will utilize the latest and greatest technology and is expected to be one of the best water treatment plants in the world.

Education and Business

Four Rocky View schools are to be built in Harmony, while other established schools will be accessible just outside the community. There will also be 'business campuses' at the community center, featuring modern offices and proximity to lunch spots, coffee shops, and home.


Harmony's Wellness Centre will be located on the shores of the lake and will include beach volleyball, playgrounds, dining, nutrition consulting, classes, and spa treatments.

Fantastic Homes

Harmony will have plenty of different neighbourhoods and home types. These intra-community neighbourhoods will have their own small community features. Harmony homes are all beautifully crafted and sit on larger lots than most central Calgary homes. It is expected that Harmony homes will become available for purchase beginning in fall 2015.

Krista Kehoe, Calgary real estate agent & REALTORĀ®

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