Drones & Real Estate: What You Should Know About Using UAVs to Sell Your Home

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Drones & Real Estate: What You Should Know About Using UAVs to Sell Your Home Close
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Drones & Real Estate: What You Should Know About Using UAVs to Sell Your Home

Posted by Krista Kehoe on Friday, December 19th, 2014 at 3:45pm.

real estate marketingEnvious of those stunning aerial shots featured in luxury listings? Well it’s getting much easier for sellers to take advantage of the bird’s eye view. With the help of unmanned aerial vehicles, real estate agents and sellers are getting shots that used to be far from simple (and quite costly).

Drones For Real Estate Marketing

At this point, your imagination—and some Transport Canada guidelines—are the only limits to using drones to market a property. The guidelines cover privacy and safety for the user and anyone near the drone, but if you’ve checked off all of those requirements, the drone marketing door is open.

The future of real estate marketing is heading towards unmanned aerial vehicles, particularly as they become more affordable. They can capture much more than just the bird’s eye view, too. A 360 degree tour will show the home as if a buyer touring it. Anyone browsing the listing will be able to get a better sense of the property, and in the case of larger developments, be kept apprised of the latest additions and updates.

When a home or condo is already built, the drone can capture a life-like walk through, flying from room to room. Although buyers in Calgary can easily visit a property, this option allows out-of-town buyers to experience the home.

Best Flying Practices

While these pictures can really take your listings to new heights, they also come with a set of guidelines. What’s most important is that you respect air traffic and the privacy of your neighbours.

Make sure to read the Transport Canada guidelines on applying for a license, which depends on the weight and purpose of your drone. You may need to notify TC of your unmanned aerial vehicle and make plans for insurance.

As UAVs become more of a household name, it will be interesting to see how else they can benefit real estate and other industries!

Krista Kehoe, Calgary real estate agent & REALTOR®

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