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Kensington has always been one of YYC’s trendiest and most sought after communities. That trend continues today, as more condo projects make their way onto the housing market and they sell out, fast. Not only are they enticing thanks to their location, but the designs are superior, bar none.

Developer Bucci is no stranger to the Sunnyside-Hillhurst condo world, having already sold out their Ven project. Not to mention that Tribeca in Mission is also all spoken for. Condo buyers need not fret, as there remains one project with condos for sale.

The Kensington, the condo complex slated to border 10 St NW and 2nd Ave NW, will house seven floors of concrete with wood and glass detailing. At the entrance, retail space will add some new square footage to

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micro condos calgary

With higher home prices, the cost of living, and the sheer size of the city, it only makes sense to see a greater number of younger professionals seeking out homes within the inner city. They’re closer to work and cut down on many costs. That being said, there’s only so much space available downtown, which translates into smaller homes. Young professionals living downtown aren’t complaining though: a smaller condo is the gateway to the walkable lifestyle in the heart of the city.

This trend is nothing new in other major cities, particularly in those with high density populations and no room to expand. So how are these micro condos different from the traditional tiny apartment or rented room? Rather than cramming too many tenants into an apartment

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family friendly communitiesWith Family Day around the bend and tomorrow marking the day of cupids, chocolates, and cards, it seems only fitting to spend the weekend thinking about your nearest and dearest. For some families, that means finding the ideal home, with enough space for everyone and in a prime location. So if you’re planning on scouring the market for the top neighbourhoods, here’s our guide to three areas in Calgary where families thrive.


Lakeview homes are the smart choice for a quiet community with plenty of outdoor recreation. The neighbourhood consistently ranks on Avenue Calgary’s best surveys, taking home accolades like #10 overall and #4 in the best established neighbourhood category. Residents will be quick to tell you all about the small town

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seton calgaryWhat started as expansive farmland has become Calgary’s up and coming urban hotspot. In just a few years, Seton will be the beacon for the latest in dining, entertainment, and homeownership.

The idea for this mixed-used development sparked alongside the new South Campus Hospital, and Brookfield Residential was quick to see the potential of a new core. Calgarians already travel great distances for work and play, so why not bring the urban appeal to the outer edges?

According to the Calgary Herald, the city has been welcoming an astonishing 40,000 new residents each year, so it’s no surprise that this development will be the answer to a need. Seton is just one of the ways the city and local home builders have been working towards a better lifestyle

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calgary main street workshopsCalgary’s growth speaks for itself, with new condos, communities, and transit expansions well under way. But what remains to be set in stone is how existing communities will handle the growth and maintain the unique cultures fostered over the years. That’s why the City of Calgary is hosting Main Street workshops. The Main Streets stretch across the city, encompassing more than just the inner-city. They’re classified as routes and destinations that see a lot of traffic and could be slated for further development. In fact, many of these areas were, historically, where the former streetcar lines ran.

The goal of the Main Streets workshops is to ascertain what the community needs from the growth and how improving on certain major areas could improve the

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calgary communitiesAvenue Calgary has given the proverbial green light for the Best Neighbourhoods of 2015 Survey.

While it may seem like the results from 2014 were published rather recently, that's due in large part to the lengthy prep times it takes to put the survey together. The February 28 deadline gives the Avenue team until August 2015 to get down to the nitty gritty of the survey info, craft their well written neighbourhood guides, and design interactive maps.

The new questionnaire will be based on a comprehensive weighting system, with respondents answering more general questions about lifestyle and amenities that make a neighbourhood stand out. Data from the city and other official sources such as the Calgary Police Service will be used to score each area in

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home winter protectionWhile we haven’t seen loads of white snow on our lawns over the past few weeks, this Alberta winter is just getting started. Forecasts predict cold patches and precipitation, so it’s never too late to take measures to protect your home. In fact, take advantage of the snow absence while you can!

Ice Dams

Most of us revel in the warmer temperatures brought by Chinooks, but your home and your roof may not be as fortunate. When the snow melts from the roof and trickles down to your frozen gutters, you’re left with an ice dam along the edge of your home. The dam encourages water to seep under the tiles and can cause expensive damage.

If there’s no snow on your roof, take a look to see if your gutters are clear of leaves. Got ice dams? Check out your

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real estate marketingEnvious of those stunning aerial shots featured in luxury listings? Well it’s getting much easier for sellers to take advantage of the bird’s eye view. With the help of unmanned aerial vehicles, real estate agents and sellers are getting shots that used to be far from simple (and quite costly).

Drones For Real Estate Marketing

At this point, your imagination—and some Transport Canada guidelines—are the only limits to using drones to market a property. The guidelines cover privacy and safety for the user and anyone near the drone, but if you’ve checked off all of those requirements, the drone marketing door is open.

The future of real estate marketing is heading towards unmanned aerial vehicles, particularly as they become more affordable. They

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buying home in winterThere's a common misconception that the only time to buy a home is in the spring and summer. With plenty of homes on the market, you're bound to find the right house, but if you just can't wait, don't fret. Here's why you should reevaluate your idea of the home buying seasons.

A Buyer’s Winter Wonderland

The market slows down with the dropping temperature, so there may be less homes on the market. However, that also translates into less buyers. A smaller pool of buyers when negotiating can give you the upper hand and give you a bit more wiggle room. Agents are often less busy as well, freeing up their plates for the winter buyer.

So when the mercury drops well below zero, what should you look for in a home?

The Winter Worthy Home


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