Fall Foliage Guide: Calgary’s Changing Colours

Three parks with outstanding fall colours. Read about where to see the changing foliage of Calgary's parks.

Fall Foliage Guide: Calgary’s Changing Colours Close
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Fall Foliage Guide: Calgary’s Changing Colours

Posted by Krista Kehoe on Thursday, November 6th, 2014 at 9:36am.

Now that we're in full-fledged fall, Calgary’s parks are making a show of the changing seasons. The city’s blend of tree species makes for a unique palette of colours, and they’re best enjoyed with a brisk stroll through your favourite park. Here are three Calgary parks with stunning fall foliage.

Confederation Park

Named for the centennial anniversary of Canada’s confederation in 1967, this park is a Northwest Calgary favourite. No matter the season, you’ll find residents walking the paths or enjoying a picnic, and of course tobogganing in the winter. Confederation Park is a close choice for anyone living near the university or in the Kensington area.

Foliage in Confederation Park comes in the form of balsam poplars, red-osier dogwood, willow, ash, and spruce trees. The park is also home to the Colorado blue spruce, which has stunning silvery-blue needles.

Fish Creek Park

This large, provincial park runs through the southwest and southeast parts of Calgary, acting as the backdrop of many Calgary communities, including Canyon Meadows, Parkland, and Deer Run.

Visitors can expect to see aspens, white spruce, and balsam poplar, and the changing colours of these trees highlight the history of the park. Near Bow Bottom Trail lies the Bow Valley Ranch building. Farmer and rancher William Roper Hull built the house in 1896, and it changed hands, with ownership falling to Senator Patrick Burns, a meat-packing magnate. Today the farm house is still standing, and houses a world-class restaurant.

Edworthy Park

Bordering the northern edges of Wildwood, Edworthy Park is located along the Bow River, just past where Bow Trail meets Sarcee. This inner-city park is named after the former land owner, Thomas Edworthy.

Balsam poplars and white spruces are quite common, and the park is known for its collection of Douglas fir trees. It’s a popular spot for picnics, weekend strolls, and early morning runs.

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