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calgary christmas marketsThe holiday season has begun! When you're done decorating, head out to one of Calgary's holiday markets for the best in local and international gifts and goodies.

Market Collective Holiday Edition

With markets throughout the year, Calgarians were quick to jump on board with Market Collective. It all started in 2008, and each year has grown into a staple for local artists. This year, three weekends at the Chinese Cultural Center will see photographers, graphic designers, fibre artists, and much more behind intricately displayed booths, selling their handmade goods.

Adding to the supreme talent will be live performers, musicians, and even the Naaco food truck. If you’d like to get your hands dirty with silversmithing, soapworks, or leatherwork,

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buying home in winterThere's a common misconception that the only time to buy a home is in the spring and summer. With plenty of homes on the market, you're bound to find the right house, but if you just can't wait, don't fret. Here's why you should reevaluate your idea of the home buying seasons.

A Buyer’s Winter Wonderland

The market slows down with the dropping temperature, so there may be less homes on the market. However, that also translates into less buyers. A smaller pool of buyers when negotiating can give you the upper hand and give you a bit more wiggle room. Agents are often less busy as well, freeing up their plates for the winter buyer.

So when the mercury drops well below zero, what should you look for in a home?

The Winter Worthy Home


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Now that we're in full-fledged fall, Calgary’s parks are making a show of the changing seasons. The city’s blend of tree species makes for a unique palette of colours, and they’re best enjoyed with a brisk stroll through your favourite park. Here are three Calgary parks with stunning fall foliage.

Confederation Park

Named for the centennial anniversary of Canada’s confederation in 1967, this park is a Northwest Calgary favourite. No matter the season, you’ll find residents walking the paths or enjoying a picnic, and of course tobogganing in the winter. Confederation Park is a close choice for anyone living near the university or in the Kensington area.

Foliage in Confederation Park comes in the form of balsam poplars, red-osier dogwood, willow,

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halloween events calgaryWe trust that when Halloween rolls around, you won’t forget to trick or treat. But what better way to add to your family’s all hallows eve than by taking them to the city’s best family friendly events! Halloween sparks the imagination of the event planners and local attractions, with many activities for families taking place during the weeks leading up.

Thrill The World

A great combination of ghoulish fun and secret exercise, this flash mob will have you and your kids doing the zombie mamba. Learn the dance ahead of time, register online, get decked out, and head over to Southcentre Mall on October 25. Follow updates on Thrill The World with #ThrillCalgary or on Twitter at @ThrillCalgary.

Ghouls’ Night Out

Magic tricks, a whimsical tea party,

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Calgary’s newest LRT station opened on August 25, 2014.  Tuscany Station is the latest stop on the Northwest extension leg, or Red Line as it’s called.  Approximately 2.5 km of track were added to extend the leg from Crowfoot Station.  This is great news for the communities of Royal Oak, Rocky Ridge and Tuscany.  Residents in these communities can now commute to the University in under 15 minutes, S.A.I.T. in less than 20 minutes or Downtown in under 30 minutes.

Getting to Tuscany Station couldn’t be easier. At most, residents in the communities of Royal Oak, Tuscany, and Rocky Ridge can enjoy a 30 minute walk or 15 minute bike ride to the station.  Bike shelters have even been built on either side of the station for riders to secure their bikes. 

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calgary walkscore neighborhoodCalgary has long been considered a car-dependent city, and in most neighbourhoods this still rings true. But a new renewed effort to promote walkability has taken the downtown communities by storm.

What these three neighbourhoods have in common is their proclivity for a walkable lifestyle and continued development in that direction.

Legend: WS=Walk Score & TS=Transit Score

Eau Claire (WS 91 & TS 81)

Many Calgarians have been making trips to Eau Claire market since they were kids, exploring the boutiques, eating treats, and watching IMAX movies. Eau Claire residents chose the convenient proximity to shopping and work, which is how the area merited its high walkcore.

Prince’s Island Park is quite literally a stone’s throw away. Here, Eau

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calgary real estateCanada’s population is aging and the Baby Boomers have been reaching the 65 mark for the past few years. This demographic will only continue to impact the market, and with Calgary’s real estate market taking on new heights, many are discussing downsizing.

Although it would seem that downsizing is an on-the-fence topic for most baby boomers themselves. Studies are divided, some indicating that the boomers will downsize in droves, while others state that the cohorts want nothing to do with the idea. Either way, it’s something to consider, especially if you’re an empty-nester or a boomer looking to revise your finances.

Don’t Feel Obligated

Retirement is an exciting time! Taking the time to consider your options can really benefit you in the long

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calgary crowdfundingCrowdfunding got started in 2003 with ArtistShare, and there are new platforms popping up all the time. From video games to smartphones to movies, all types of projects are getting a leg up thanks to thousands of donations from all over the world.

Established just under two years ago, InvestYYC is yet another platform to add to the list. But what makes this site different from other crowdsourcing platforms? It’s restricted to the arts, and not just anyone can post a campaign. Whereas other sites allow project managers to create a profile and watch their donation metre climb, projects with InvestYYC have to submit an application to a committee, who looks at the community impact and the possibility of execution. While the requirements may seem strict,

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Calgary public art displaysCalgary’s public art has been the talk of the town lately, but the city has some truly amazing pieces on display for residents and visitors. Particularly interesting is the initiative to add the LRT stations to the city’s artscape. Easily accessible art, these projects are on display 24/7. Buy a day pass, hop on the train and check out all the different art offerings around your city.

Luminous Crossings at City Hall Station

For the past few years, the city has been extending the LRT system and revamping the existing stations. The City Hall Station received a special makeover last winter, courtesy of Cliff Garten Studios. The interactive light display is timed to change with the coming and going of the trains. Towers mark the entrance to the

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We've done a great job at keeping the new a secret, but now it's finally time to unveil the final product of months of hard work. We want to give you the best and most user friendly experience we can, and our brand new website allows us to do just that!

Now it's easier than ever to find that perfect Calgary home you'e been searching for. The new bold layout brings a whole bunch of new changes like a sleek new navigation menu, and a redefined listing search that is 100% customizable by you.

Another way we are staying on the leading edge of real estate technology is by bringing you an exciting responsive design. Now it's easier than ever to navigate our site using any electronic device, including tablets and smartphones!

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