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Stackable Residences: The Next Major Housing Trend?Calgarians enjoy everything downtown has to offer its residents, including cosmopolitan luxury condos and the contemporary architecture that seems to be taking over the city centre. These types of leading edge design experiments have long been considered the hallmark of such city centres. However, an exhibit at the Calgary Global Petroleum is indicative of an exciting new project that was spearheaded in Calgary but will be making its debut in areas of northern Alberta.

The project details a series of stackable, residential units that are fixed together to form work accommodation. While Stack Modular has created quick-build steel accommodation structures for work camps in the past, this is a brand new concept. Long gone are your days of cramped trailers

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Development of master-planned community

If you haven't heard of the Harmony project, you've been missing out on one of the biggest items in Calgary real estate. This cutting-edge project has designated Calgary as a frontrunner in the global sprint toward more intelligently designed neighbourhoods and communities.

In recent years, we have seen a shift in community planning where there is a strong push for design that maximizes convenience, ease, safety, and strengthens community. We have also seen a growing emphasis on contained amenities: facilities which ultimately create a town-like atmosphere for local residents. These values are exemplified in phenomena such as the pocket neighbourhood, but nowhere is it better illustrated than in what we've been hearing about Bordeaux Properties'

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The grass doesn't always have to be greener on the other side. Here's some great tips on how to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant this summer!

lawn care tipsWatering:

A healthy lawn only needs about 1 inch of water a week to stay healthy. If you're faced with water restrictions, its important to make sure you're maximizing your lawn's ability to retain moisture with what's available. As a general rule, the most beneficial time to water your lawn in the early morning for best water absorption. Between 11am and 3pm is the warmest part of the day, so any watering done at this time will likely just evaporate before it has a chance to be absorbed. You also don't want to water at night when there isn't any sunlight as this increases the chance of your lawn producing

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