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December 2014

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home winter protectionWhile we haven’t seen loads of white snow on our lawns over the past few weeks, this Alberta winter is just getting started. Forecasts predict cold patches and precipitation, so it’s never too late to take measures to protect your home. In fact, take advantage of the snow absence while you can!

Ice Dams

Most of us revel in the warmer temperatures brought by Chinooks, but your home and your roof may not be as fortunate. When the snow melts from the roof and trickles down to your frozen gutters, you’re left with an ice dam along the edge of your home. The dam encourages water to seep under the tiles and can cause expensive damage.

If there’s no snow on your roof, take a look to see if your gutters are clear of leaves. Got ice dams? Check out your

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real estate marketingEnvious of those stunning aerial shots featured in luxury listings? Well it’s getting much easier for sellers to take advantage of the bird’s eye view. With the help of unmanned aerial vehicles, real estate agents and sellers are getting shots that used to be far from simple (and quite costly).

Drones For Real Estate Marketing

At this point, your imagination—and some Transport Canada guidelines—are the only limits to using drones to market a property. The guidelines cover privacy and safety for the user and anyone near the drone, but if you’ve checked off all of those requirements, the drone marketing door is open.

The future of real estate marketing is heading towards unmanned aerial vehicles, particularly as they become more affordable. They

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calgary holiday theatreTheatres across the city are gearing up for the holiday season. Whether you enjoy the traditional carols or spontaneous takes on the season, you’re sure to find a theatre near you with an entertaining performance. The vibrant theatre scene is offering classics, themed nights, and family favourites throughout the month of December. Here’s just a few offerings from the box office!

Charlotte’s Web

Taking center stage at the Martha Cohen this December is the spidery web of a childhood favourite. The story of Charlotte’s Web features aerial acrobat and actress Manon Beaudoin, who has created a vivid imagining of the character, thanks to harnesses and a trampoline that brings her spider like motions to life. The performance is accompanied by live music

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