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September 2014

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calgary real estateCanada’s population is aging and the Baby Boomers have been reaching the 65 mark for the past few years. This demographic will only continue to impact the market, and with Calgary’s real estate market taking on new heights, many are discussing downsizing.

Although it would seem that downsizing is an on-the-fence topic for most baby boomers themselves. Studies are divided, some indicating that the boomers will downsize in droves, while others state that the cohorts want nothing to do with the idea. Either way, it’s something to consider, especially if you’re an empty-nester or a boomer looking to revise your finances.

Don’t Feel Obligated

Retirement is an exciting time! Taking the time to consider your options can really benefit you in the long

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calgary crowdfundingCrowdfunding got started in 2003 with ArtistShare, and there are new platforms popping up all the time. From video games to smartphones to movies, all types of projects are getting a leg up thanks to thousands of donations from all over the world.

Established just under two years ago, InvestYYC is yet another platform to add to the list. But what makes this site different from other crowdsourcing platforms? It’s restricted to the arts, and not just anyone can post a campaign. Whereas other sites allow project managers to create a profile and watch their donation metre climb, projects with InvestYYC have to submit an application to a committee, who looks at the community impact and the possibility of execution. While the requirements may seem strict,

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Calgary public art displaysCalgary’s public art has been the talk of the town lately, but the city has some truly amazing pieces on display for residents and visitors. Particularly interesting is the initiative to add the LRT stations to the city’s artscape. Easily accessible art, these projects are on display 24/7. Buy a day pass, hop on the train and check out all the different art offerings around your city.

Luminous Crossings at City Hall Station

For the past few years, the city has been extending the LRT system and revamping the existing stations. The City Hall Station received a special makeover last winter, courtesy of Cliff Garten Studios. The interactive light display is timed to change with the coming and going of the trains. Towers mark the entrance to the

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