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If you're buying, selling, or otherwise generally interested in Calgary real estate, you've no doubt heard that Calgary's market is "hot, hot, hot". But what does that really mean? Let us help you walk through these terms, so you're not thinking of Goldilocks' porridge every time you hear them!

Hot Real Estate MarketYou can also describe a hot market as a seller's market. Lots of buyers are out looking for a home, but there are not very many on the market. This allows sellers to drive up prices, and forces buyers to spend more than they bargain for. This is the prime climate for bidding wars, which often happen when more than one buyer is seriously interested in a property. This drives the final purchase price above the listed price and can also give a seller particularly

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Rain in CalgaryEver heard of rainwater harvesting? A well-known practice in coastal areas known for abundant rain, rainwater harvesting is also becoming popular amongst Calgary homeowners. Saving rain and snow run off can save you money, because you'll have stored up water for our dry and sunny summer weather. Rainwater collection is a great idea for those with large lawns or gardens, even in Calgary. Some people even manage to collect enough rainwater that they can divert it for household use, although this usage isn't currently approved in Alberta. Another benefit of this is that, theoretically, the more people collect rainwater for their own use, the lower the cost will be when they do use city water.

Environmentally, collecting rainwater is a great idea,

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Calgary Car Show 2013

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Head over to the Calgary International Auto and Truck Show, located at the BMO Centre at Stampede Park! This yearly event has been growing exponentially, and the 2013 organizers expect that trend to continue. Last year, over 80,000 car and truck enthusiasts attended the show, an increase of 20,000 since 2003. The event kicked off with the Vehicles and Violins gala, on the evening of the 12th. This celebration benefited a host of local charities, including the Alberta Cancer Foundation, Inn from the Cold, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, The Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation, The Parkinson's Society of Southern Alberta, and many more.

The show itself promises to be nothing short of awesome! Car fans

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