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February 2013

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YYC Hot ChocolateIn the mood for a little something to help you warm up on a chilly February day in Calgary? You're in luck! The second annual Calgary's Best Hot Chocolate competition is still going strong. With tons of competitors vying for the honour of winning, you're sure to find a fantastic cup of hot chocolate near you.

A portion of the proceeds generated by the purchase of hot chocolates created by Calgary's best chefs, baristas, and chocolatiers go to support Calgary Meals on Wheels. Talk about a sweet treat. To seek out a vendor near you, check out and let the sugar rush begin, but hurry, the competition is over at the end of February!

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Calgary Rabbit ProblemEaster's coming in a month or so; is your rabbit laying eggs? That might make the overpopulation problems in Calgary and surrounding areas easier to control! Unfortunately, many Calgarians are having to contend with cute bunnies destroying their gardens, landscaping, and in some extreme cases, even the foundations of their homes! Rabbit problems in residential areas are common across Canada and they're usually caused by irresponsible pet owners releasing their un-spayed/un-neutred domesticated bunnies into the wild when they no longer want to take care of them.

Given how quickly bunnies multiply, it doesn't look like it will be very easy to bring down the rabbit population. So, in the meantime, how do those of us who enjoy gardening (and want to

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