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July 2012

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The Calgary real estate market is revving up, making this a great time to buy or sell a home in this gorgeous city! Currently, real estate sales in Calgary are up over 20% from last year and prices are about 2% higher as well.

The luxury market, which has previously not been as vigorous, is now joining the stronger residential market. Luxury homes have been a market that has been slow for a while; this market peaked back in 2007, with a phenomenal $458 million in sales. Experts agree that this year, luxury home sales might top that amount.

Another market that is proving to be a bit slower in its recovery is condominiums. We’re seeing a small uptick in these purchases this year, with the majority of increase between April and June. Since there is

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All across the province this week, residents have been experiencing high temperatures and high humidity. While the current high temperatures are forecast to only last a few more days, there are likely to be some more scorchers this summer. Calgary’s current record high temperature is 36.1 °C with a humidex rating of 36.9. While this isn’t dangerous in itself, it can be very uncomfortable.

What you can do to stay cool

In hot weather, it’s not always possible to hide out in an air conditioned place until the weather cools down, so it’s important to have some strategies to keep yourself comfortable.

  • If you’re hot, you’re losing fluids so keep your fluid intake up. A cool beverage can help you feel cooler as well. Keep in mind that
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