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February 2012

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For Calgarians who enjoy patronizing local attractions in the city, the forecasted temporary additions to the Calgary Zoo may add to the draw of this great attraction.

While the Prime Minister was in China recently, he negotiated a ten-year deal whereby the zoos in Toronto and Calgary will get a pair of giant pandas on loan for a period of time. These furry ambassadors will be visiting the Calgary Zoo in 2018, so there is still a bit of a wait to get to see them locally. The breeding pair will be spending 5 years at the Toronto Zoo before their 5 year visit in Calgary.

The loan of this pair of giant pandas doesn’t come cheaply for the Canadian zoos, each year that the pair are in Canadian zoos will cost $1 million. Both the Calgary

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Although western Canada was told to brace itself for a cold winter this year, so far we've been left wondering if we're really going to have much of a winter at all.

As we were moving into the colder months this fall, the forecast for this winter was to expect a drier year than normal, but one with some very cold temperatures. With over a month left of winter, it remains to be seen if this mythical chilly weather is going to transpire or not.

While some Calgarians are getting into the swing of things out of the golf course, some of which have opened this week to take advantage of the warm weather, other residents are spending their time out jogging, hiking, and generally enjoying the outdoors.

The mild weather that we're currently

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