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January 2012

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With mortgage rates low, there are many homeowners looking to buy a bigger piece of property to live in. Some of these buyers will choose to hang on to their first homes and rent them out instead of selling them or purchasing a home specifically to rent, in hopes of using the rental income to help pay off one or both of their houses. While this can be a great way to invest some money, there is a lot more to being a landlord than just having an extra house for people to rent.

Make sure that the home is in a desirable location. Unless you’re ready for your rental home to sit idle sometimes, make sure that the home you choose to rent out is near schools, easy to commute to or near convenient amenities. Far fewer people will be interested in

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For Calgary home sellers, the conditional sale reporting rules have just been changed. Previously, it was required for a seller who received a conditional offer on their home to notify the MLS® system and put up a conditionally sold sticker to let prospective buyers know. This let buyers know that an offer was already on the home, but would often keep interested parties away from the listing even though a conditional sale isn't a done deal.

The Calgary Real Estate Board has changed the rules on reporting conditional sales to be more in line with the rules that other boards follow. These changes will allow home sellers to not report conditional sales so that they can continue to market and show their homes so that if the conditional sale does not go

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