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We’re coming into that time of year again, the season of slippery streets and icy sidewalks. While most people become hyper aware of their environment when they’re selling their home, during the cold months of the year we should ALL be aware of the area around our homes!

Slips and falls on icy sidewalks and streets account for over 800 reported incidents a year, many of which happen to elderly residents who can easily have their lives detrimentally altered by a bad fall.

Not only is clearing the sidewalk by your home a nice thing to do, Calgary actually has a bylaw (20M88) that requires you to do just that and can fine you $150 if they have to come out and do it for you.

In many neighbourhoods around the city with residents who are

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While buying a new home can be one of the most exciting life events that you can do, moving is generally looked at as one of the most dreaded activities that we take part in. Anyone who has made multiple local moves—and tried to bribe friends and family to help out—knows that you might have better luck trying to get blood from a stone than getting someone to help you move. This situation is usually the result of the almost universal hatred of moving that most people possess. There are some basic (and logical) things that you can do to make your move smoother and less tramatic.

Before you start

  • Stock up on boxes, packing tape, and markers! Also useful is newspaper or newsprint for packing fragile things. Don’t forget garbage bags, ziplock
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Experience Calgary as the city transforms itself into a winter wonderland over the next few months. Listed below, are some activities you and your family might enjoy over the next few months.

To keep busy over the holidays, visit Canada Olympic Park (COP) and consider signing up for some skiing lessons or try an exciting bobsleigh or luge ride. Winter is also the best time to visit craft fairs for a wide assortment of unique, quality gifts. Check out the complete list of Calgary craft fairs this season

For a truly charming and magical experience, visit Heritage Park Historical Village from November 21 to December 20, 9am to 4pm. Enjoy a Christmas breakfast buffet (reserve tickets by calling 403-268-8500), go on a wagon ride, tour historical homes, get

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